Q & ARenotex van

Can we do work in your building?
This question is frequently asked by tenants who feel they have no choice other than their in house cleaning.
Yes. We have performed work in every major commercial building in New York City during our long history.

Will proper maintenance extend carpet life?
Many experts predict a ten year wear life with proper maintenance.

The direct glue down carpet in our offices showed no sign of discoloration or wear after fifteen years of service. The cut pile carpet installed over padding in another area looks just as good after the same fifteen years. Most carpet is replaced due to poor appearance rather than wear, so maintenance does matter.

Can all spots be removed?
No. But the vast majority can and we assure you we will do everything possible to achieve the best possible results.

Will cleaning help indoor air quality? (Carpet and fabrics trap harmful airborne soil)
Yes. This a major concern today. Proper maintenance of carpet, furniture and wall fabrics can be an important contribution to a healthier indoor environment.

Will carpet resoil more rapidly after cleaning.
No. This is not a concern with properly performed cleaning methods and chemicals. The hundreds of side- by- side tests we have performed during the past half-century confirm this. The detergent we use for the shampoo process contains a soil retardant which actually helps preserve the clean appearance for a longer period of time.

What is the best cleaning method?
The answer depends on many factors such as the type of carpet fiber, soil, use and traffic patterns, and we offer every major method.

How often should carpet be cleaned?
Frequencies vary widely based on many factors including usage and color. We would be happy to provide guidelines based on experience with areas similar to yours.