Located in the Bronx and serving the entire TRI-STATE AREA.

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Renotex was the first on-location carpet and furniture cleaning specialist in the country. We have over a half century of experience in handling everything from one room to entire office buildings.

All services are available on a one time basis as well as a part of regularly scheduled maintenance programs. Custom designed maintenance programs have been part of our service since 1945. This experience in maintaining all types of areas under the widest possible variety of uses provides a solid basis for our recommendations for your own carpet.

The goal of any program should be to provide the highest possible level of appearance for the budget available. Most customers find that the quality of cleaning is even more important than the frequency. Cleaning which is properly performed can often provide a better appearance even with reduced frequencies. Bad cleaning on the other hand feeds on itself, creating a need for more and more cleaning. If carpet is never properly cleaned, increasing the frequency will not help with the overall level of appearance.

Custom designed software enables us to keep your cleaning schedules, billing requirements and scheduling preferences up-to-date at all times. These programs have been designed to provide flexibility so that all paper work can be tailored to your specifications. We recognize that many customers have unique requirements and procedures, and strive to make doing business as easy as possible for you.

All work is performed by company employees not sub-contractors, and the average length of service for our employees is over 5 years. Our training program stresses courtesy together with careful, efficient service.