Company Profile

Renotex is the oldest firm in the nation specializing in on-location carpet and furniture cleaning. The company was founded in 1945 by Albert Sania who had the vision to see the growing use of wall-to-wall carpet and to recognize that some one would have to clean it. He founded Renotex and used the dry cleaning method to clean carpet on location.

Bigelow-Sanford, which was the largest carpet manufacturer at that time also realized that they could not continue selling more and more wall-to-wall carpet unless people were able to maintain it.

Both firms recognized the need for a safe and effective wet cleaning method which would not cause resoiling. A natural marriage occurred, and the two firms worked together for several years to develop the first rotary shampoo procedure approved by a carpet manufacturer. It worked so well that most of the other major carpet manufacturers also welcomed and endorsed it. Renotex was the first firm authorized to offer this new method.


Wallace Darling, who was one of the key Bigelow executives involved in this research decided to join Albert Sania in this new venture. Bigelow gave its blessing and felt confident in having one of its own people involved in cleaning. Mr. Sania retired in the 1950's and Renotex went  into its third generation of ownership by the Darling Family.

Since that time we have been at the forefront of many other developments in the on-location industry. We have participated in countless tests of equipment, chemicals and methods by manufacturers of fiber, carpet, wall fabrics, chemicals and equipment. This has helped to establish maintenance procedures for many different products and methods.

The importance of this to you is that we can make recommendations regarding methods, procedures and cleaning frequencies based on over a half century of experience. Continuous testing and analysis of new chemicals and equipment assures you of the finest possible results.

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Renotex by Jay Ramos, who managed Renotex for 20 years and continues the tradition of bringing the same quality service we have provided for the past 65 years.


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